5 Packs of Bamboo Cotton buds - 100% sustainable

5 Packs of Bamboo Cotton buds - 100% sustainable

Pack of FIVE 100% Sustainable bamboo cotton buds. One of the biggest culprits when it comes to plastic in our oceans, is the innocent-looking cotton bud. And it's for this reason we send them in packs of 5 (100 buds in each pack)


Hundreds of thousands  of plastic cotton buds find their way into our oceans every day.


These completely sustainable 100% eco-friendly cotton buds are made from entirely sustainable bamboo. And if you want to see why bamboo is quite so sustainable. You can read it about it here. Make a big difference to the planet and the health of it's oceans, by going bamboo for your next box of cotton buds. Shipped in packs of 100 buds.  Five packs shipped per order!

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