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Why is money the root of all evil?

You'll have heard this from parents, teachers, friends, on the TV. "Money is the root of all evil" Is it? Why is money the root of all evil.

In short: It's not.

Let me explain (with examples):

It's the lack of money that is the real root of all evil. Human behaviour is quite frankly disgusting when it comes to what people will do for money. More to the point, what we as a race will exploit. We stop at nothing. It never ceases to amaze me how destructive, ruthless, cruel and barbaric the human race can be. And usually, this involves the exploitation of our animal kingdom for the purposes of making money.

I have posted links below this article that literally have me in tears at how we treat our wild animals with such contempt. Taking baby elephants from their mothers at 18 months old and hitting them repeatedly with metal bars until their captors have total control and fear over these infants. All in order that they can be used to humour tourists in exchange for money. In what civilised society do we think that is acceptable?

I've also posted a link to an article on bear bile farm.

Another barbaric act, where "we" as the civilised society that we are, take baby bear cubs and cage them for life in tiny, cramped conditions in order to extract bile from them (And yes the process is horiffic for these beautiful animals, done whilst still awake)

They never escape from their cages which are so cramped, that many bears end up seriously deformed. The bile is sold to make medicines as some Asian doctors incorrectly believe that it acts as an ingredient for certain remedies. Death provides a welcome end to their miserable lives.

Dog fighting still takes place even in the 21st Century for the "amusement" of a baying crowd. But is that's what behind it really? Of course not, it's about betting. Using and abusing animals so that people can bet on which dog will tear the other limb from limb. These dogs are placed on relentless treadmills which they are tied to, so there is no escape. They have to run and run to the point of exhaustion. All to "train" them to be fitter and increase their stamina. It's sick, quite frankly.

Staying with dogs, take puppy farming. Research in 2020 shows that 5 dogs are stolen in the UK alone every day to be used in hell-hole puppy farms, where dogs churn out litter after litter and are kept in horrendous conditions. Why? Because the puppy 'industry' is worth some £300 million per year.

Take poaching. Why are rhino and elephant hunted mercilessly, even babies, just so that poachers can take their tusks. THEY ARE NOT YOURS TO TAKE!!! These animals are in their own habitat where they should feel safe to roam. Sadly they aren't. Far from it. All because tusks are made from ivory which carries a monetary value.

And then we get to a whole different breed of animal. The Big Game "Hunter" What kind of person gets their highs from getting a beautiful wild African lion, tiger or Giraffe in the crosshairs of a high powered rifle, and then slaughtering it for no reason other than their own sick "pleasure"

This oxygen thief dragged his pitiful wife along to kill an innocent animal

The trouble is, as long as people are prepared to pay to do this, and they pay LOTS of money, then people will accept that payment in return for granting access to these majestic beasts. Giving them access to get their kicks by shooting these innocent giants.

So does this prove that money is the root of all evil?

Well, as stated at the start, I don't believe this to be true. One can do great things with money - For a start, help charities that are working to end these awful acts against the wild creatures we share our planet with.

You could argue that a lack of money is the root of all evil. As all of the acts above happen because of a need for money. But that begs the question: Would these people stop doing what they do if they had sufficient funds to put a roof over their heads and food on the table? I very much doubt of it. And that is because it is so lucrative. It doesn't make small amounts of money. It's huge. It's scalable, and it can create a lot of wealth.

So then, the logical argument moves to a love of money being the root of all evil, which is probably a more accurate quote.

If money isn't the root of all evil then how can I use it for good?

There are countless charities that work tirelessly to overcome these challenges and put an end to these atrocities. We, at Blue Marble donate to many of them including 1% for the planet, which spreads its donations across different charities that look after the oceans, pollution, wildlife and many other global concerns.

There are also a couple of links at the foot of this article to charities that are directly involved in the stopping of the practices we have outlined above. I urge you to give just a few pounds or dollars to help them fight the cause. Prove that money is NOT the root of all evil, but some people's greed for money is.

***Warning*** The images and content in the links below contain distressing graphic content. I can't watch them without crying for these poor creatures. You can help these causes by donating to one of the two I have identified to help stamp out this evil. You'll find their links right at the foot of this article.

Bear bile farming in Vietnam

All in the name of tourism - National Geographic

Dog fighting in all of it's barbarity

And here are some things you can do to help stop these hideous acts:

Help the League against cruel sports in the UK

Animals Asia fight cruel Bear bile farms and fight for justice for wild animals held captive

Let me know your comments below on this article, and whether you are still wondering why is money the root of all evil?

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