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So Why is Bamboo sustainable?

A great question. Just what makes Bamboo sustainable?

We have just taken delivery of more great bamboo products, and some of our customers have been emailing us to ask what makes bamboo such a sustainable product. Well it's a great question. Are we taking the food from right out of a Panda's cuddly paws to create our sustainable cutlery?

sustainable bamboo
Highly sustainable and eco friendly bamboo

'Course not. The first thing to note about bamboo is the rate that this stuff grows at. This isn't like wildfire. This is like wild fire on steroids at a rave. Bamboo has been known to grow an incredible 9 inches in a 24 hour period under the right conditions.

........Which means our furry black and white friends certainly aren't ever going to be in short supply.

But it gets better! Compared to other similar trees, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen, and absorbs 5 times as much CO2. This stuff is to the environment what Amazon is to selling stuff online. In terms of eco-friendly and sustainable, bamboo is about as good as it gets.

Where you may see contrasting articles, is where it is used in the clothing industry. Bamboo can be made into fabrics. Rayon is a good example. However, to produce these fabrics, the bamboo has to be treated and go through a sequence of processes. These are usually chemical, which detracts somewhat from using in it's rawest form.

sustainable bamboo used for bridges
sustainable bamboo used for bridges

And the reason it needs to go through all this processing? Because this stuff is strong. Bamboo is strong like you wouldn't believe! In many countries bamboo is used for building weight-carrying structures such as bridges.....

It's so good, we use it for our cutlery, which means we get the best of both worlds - We get high quality, strong, durable cutlery that is also eco friendly and highly sustainable

So the answer as to why bamboo is sustainable lies in it's ability to re-grow quickly, absorb CO2 and emit large amounts of oxygen. The reason it's so useful is because it is a tough, durable and beautiful raw material. Any thoughts? Leave them below...

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