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Finally the New look, New Feel Blue Marble website goes live

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

At long last, the Blue Marble website has been given a long-awaited makeover.. We've given it a fresh new feel, improved navigation, crisped up the images, and started our very own blog (Yep - what you're reading right now) Pop back here to see the latest comments and stories, feel free to comment and add your own ideas. And we've even started our own newsletter (Why do people call them that?!) OK - It's a single monthly email which will give you the heads up on the latest product lines we're adding (This is almost a weekly thing at the moment!), any offers we're doing, and news on the Blue Marble Tour. More on that in a separate post, but suffice it to say that the purchase of a very shiny, very sexy new stand will see us popping up at eco festivals, music events and food shows up and down the country, along with some very special pricing for those shows.

Our first (meaningful!) blog post is all about Bamboo. We've been asked a few times now what makes bamboo so sustainable, so we've written an article to explain exactly that!

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